Right Now in Dressed: The History of Fashion

From Japan to Hawaii to California, this week we learn about the origins of the ubiquitious flip-flop. 

Worn on this Day, an Interview with Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell

Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell joins us to discuss her new book Worn on this Day: the Clothes That Made History. From Olympic uniforms to coronation gowns, Kimberly explores momentous moments in dress history one day at a time. 

Bond Girl Style, an inteview with Dr. Monica Germanà

Icons of sex, danger and high style, this week we speak to Dr. Monica Germanà about women inhabiting the world of James Bond.

Fashion History Mystery #35:The Vanderbilt Ball

This week we chat about one of the most sumptuous fancy dress balls the world has ever seen: The Vanderbilt Ball of 1883.

Halloween Costume and Fancy Dress with Benjamin Wild and Lucy Clayton

Just in time for Halloween, we talk all things dressing up with Lucy Clayton and Dr. Benjamin Wild, co-hosts of the podcast dedicated to that very subject, Dress: Fancy.

Fashion History Mystery #34: Milk and Sugar:  a Brief History of Seersucker

This weeks listener question about the history of seersucker leads us to a surprising discussion of etymology.

At War with Fashion: World War II, an interview with Stuff You Missed in History Class

This week we revisit April's appearance on Stuff You Missed in History Class covering French fashion and resistance during WWII.

Fashion History Mystery #33: Fashion History at Fashion Week

From Grecian goddesses to the godmother of rock'n'roll, April and Cassidy discuss their favorite shows from the recent Spring/Summer 2020 Collections!  

At War with Fashion: World War I, LIVE from Bard Graduate Center

In conjunction with the exhibition French Fashion, Women and the First World War currently on view at the Bard Graduate Center, we speak with Dr. Kate Strasdin and Dr. Margaret Darrow about the era's anxieties surrounding fashion and gender.

Fashion History Mystery #32: A Brief History of the Codpiece

One of the more curious items of masculine dress history, this week we explore the function and symbolism of the codpiece.

The King of Sexy Cling, an interview with Stephen Burrows

Stephen Burrow's bright and slinky clothes defined the disco era. This week we speak with a fashion icon on the occasion of his new collaboration with Target.

Punk Style, an interview with Dr. Monica Sklar

This week we explore the style one of rock's most iconic sub-cultures: punk. But what came first, the music or the clothes?

Patrick Kelly, an Interview with Dr. Eric Darnell Pritchard

Patrick Kelly took Paris by storm in the 1980s, becoming the first American designer to be inducted into France's distinguished Chambre syndicale du prêt-à-porter. On what would have been Patrick's 65th birthday, we honor his life and legacy. 

The Joy of Fashion, an Interview with Pat Cleveland

This week we talk with fashion icon and fashion model pioneer Pat Cleveland about her fifty-plus year career in fashion.

FHM #31: The Cyclical Nature of Fashion

This week, April and Cassidy discuss which forgotten fashion staples they would love to make a comeback and which cyclical fashion trends should remain a thing of the past. 

Global Vision: Tina Leser

Often cited as a progenitor of the American Look, fashion designer Tina Leser's vision was greater than the polarizing discourse of French versus American style.

FHM #30:  Making Mrs. Maisel

This week we take a peek inside the Paley Center for Media's exhibition Making Maisel Marvelous.

Fashion Period. An Interview with Dr. Shannon Withycombe

Periods. A universally taboo topic for 1000s of years, menstruation was only addressed commercially in the early 20th century. We talk the pad's evolution--and all its accompanying accessories--with women's health historian Dr. Shannon Withycombe.

FHM #29: Enfleurage: 17th Century Perfume Making with Dryland Wilds

This week we meet Cebastien and Robin, the women behind the botanical beauty line Dryland Wilds, and learn all about their modern day use of the 17th century perfume making process known as enfleurage.


The Golden Age of Haute Couture, LIVE from the Dallas Museum of Art

Hot off the press and LIVE from Dallas, join us for our first live episode of Dressed.