Right Now in Dressed: The History of Fashion

Cassidy and April discuss a recent New York Time's article by Vanessa Friedman which brings up some interesting questions regarding the relevance and importance of everyday clothing.

Power of Pattern: Central Asian Ikats, an interview with Clarissa Esguerra

This week, exhibition curator Clarissa Esguerra teaches us all about the sophisticated resist-dying ikat technique responsible for the resplendent textiles and garments on display in LACMA's current exhibition Power of Pattern: Central Asian Ikats.

Introducing Unpopular

Throughout history, people have been denounced and demonized for dissenting from the majority. But that didn’t stop them from speaking up. Unpopular is about resisters and pariahs, rebels and revolutionaries. People like Sitting Bull, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, Galileo, and the Mirabal Sisters took a chance on what they believed in – and inspired real change. Every week, host Yves Jeffcoat tells the story of someone who challenged the status quo, connecting the dots between their history and the history we’re making today. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, the iHeartRadio app, and wherever else you get your podcasts. 
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Fashion History Mystery #18: Like a Fine Wine: What Makes Clothing "Vintage"?

Tune in this week to learn about the distinctions between what is considered antique versus vintage.

The Language of Fans, an interview with Laura Camerlengo

Much more than practical tools for cooling the body, Laura Camerlengo joins us to speak about the myriad of ways fans have been used historically as emblems of status and tools of communication. Her exhibition Fans of the 18th Century is on view now through June 30, 2019 at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.

Fashion History Mystery #17:  Addressing Dress

Join us for fun with words! Today we address "dress." 

Styling the American Suffragist, an interview with Raissa Bretaña

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment. In gratitude to the American women who fought for the right to vote, we speak to Raissa Bretaña about the relationship between fashion and the 20th century suffrage movement.

Fashion History Mystery #16: Of Beards and Men

Today, we answer a listener question about the history of men's facial hair with Dr. Christopher Oldstone-Moore, author of the book Of Beards and Men: the Revealing History of Facial Hair.

Men in Heels: a His (and Her) Story, an Interview with Elizabeth Semmelhack

High heels have long been the domain of women--but first they were worn by men. This week, we track the evolution of the high heel as worn by male cavalry to "irrational" women with Bata Shoe Museum Senior Curator Elizabeth Semmelhack.

Introducing Life Will Be the Death of Me with Chelsea Handler, an iHeartRadio Original Podcast

Starting May 23rd, 2019: Listen to Chelsea Handler's first ever podcast series featuring candid, hilarious conversations about her life, her work and where she’s headed next. The podcast features interviews with celebrities such as Connie Britton, Jake Tapper, Sean Hayes, Mary McCormack and more.

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Fashion History Mystery #15: Pantone

This week we discuss the 'shadiest' company around, the world's leading authority on color intelligence, Pantone.

The Dress Detective, an interview with Amber Butchart

Fashion history and crime labs may seem like strange bedfellows. This week we speak to real-life dress detective, Amber Butchart, about her work in forensics and fashion history applications outside of museums and design studios.

Fashion History Mystery #14: "Copying: a Fancy Name for Stealing"

Detective hats on, Cassidy and April address a listener question regarding fashion copying: fashion fakes are nothing new, but just when and where did the practice start and why?

The Art of Embroidery, an Interview with Nadia Albertini, Part II

In part two of our interview with embroidery designer Nadia Albertini, we learn how the age old craft is kept alive at the hands of skilled artisans from India to Paris.

Fashion History Mystery #13: Party of the Year: The Met Gala

This week we look into the storied history of one of the world's most sought-after social invitations: The Met Gala.

The Art of Embroidery, an Interview with Nadia Albertini, Part I

Today, we learn all about the fascinating history behind one of humankind's oldest forms of adornment with embroidery designer and historian Nadia Albertini.

Fashion History Mystery #12: Chat-a-what?

This week we answer a query about the once indispensable accessory now lost to time: the chatelaine.

"The New Freedom Thing in in Fashion" or How Jeans Got Their Stretch

This week we learn how "the new freedom thing in fashion" became the industry standard for the production of women's--and more and more men's-- jeans. This is the story of stretchy jeans.

Fashion History Mystery #11: Rosie Gets a Shingle

On this week's edition of Fashion History Mystery, we look into vintage hairstyle terms including the bob and the shingle.

April Goes to Beauty School: the 1944 Du Barry Success Course

To investigate charm schools of the 1940s, April recently completed the six weeks Du Barry Success Course of diet, exercise, posture and beauty rituals. Tune in to find out how it went!