Right Now in Dressed: The History of Fashion

The Outcast is Out magazine’s debut podcast! Join host Fran Tirado, Out magazine’s deputy editor and Out staffers as they explore queer topics across politics, pop culture, fashion, relationships, money, and more.

The Outcast is now available! Listen now.

FHM #27: The Origin of the Moon Manicure with Suzanne Shapiro

We answer a listener query about the moon-shaped manicure of the 1920s and 30s with Suzanne Shapiro, author of Nails: the Story of the Modern Manicure.

Wondery’s The Moment, hosted by comedian Ingrid Haas, explores some epic real life romances to find the answers to our toughest relationship questions. From a Taylor Swift intervention, to getting betrothed by a horse, this podcast is your real life Rom-Com. Listen now at wondery.fm/dressed

Re-Dressed: The Swimsuit, a Revealing History, Part I

In the spirit of summer, we revisit our Season One two part series on one of the most controversial garments in history: the swimsuit.

FHM #26: A Mermaid's Tale

In this week's mini-sode we answer a query from a real-life mermaid.

Mary Quant, an Interview with Jenny Lister

In the 1960s, Mary Quant launched her fashion revolution amid a rainbow of mini-skirts and hot pants. This week, we explore her life and legacy with Jenny Lister, the curator behind the V&A's exhibition Mary Quant, on view until February 20, 2016.

FHM #25: The Auction House Allure

This week we discuss the role of auction houses in the collecting of historic dress in a continued conversation with Timothy Long, Director, Senior Specialist of Couture and Luxury Accessories for Leslie Hindman Auctioneers.

Charles James: Genius Deconstructed, an Interview with Timothy Long

Timothy Long takes us inside the multi-tiered genius of Charles James, the self-taught fashion designer behind some of the most innovative and breathtakingly beautiful designs of the 20th century.

Fashion History Mystery #24:  The History of Penny Loafers

A staple of various style tribes, Nancy MacDonell joins us to speak about the history of the penny loafer.

Space Age Fashion: an interview with Sarah Jean Culbreth

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing and we are joined by Sarah Jean Culbeth to discuss the space age fashions of Pierre Cardin.

Fashion History Mystery #23: Origin Story: Sailor and Peter Pan Collars

This week, we explore the fascinating origins of the so-called "sailor" and "peter pan" style collars. 

Fashion Animals, an interview with Joshua Katcher

Animal rights activist and vegan menswear designer Joshua Katcher joins us to talk about the relationship between humans and the animals they wear.

Introducing Everywhere

Overcome fears and dump preconceptions about travel and fully engage with the world in a deeply meaningful way. It doesn’t matter if you’re wealthy or not, alone or with your person or people; you can have an amazing adventure. All you need is to open your mind. Don’t think about what I’m telling you, just feel it. It’s not head knowledge, it’s heart knowledge.

Listen to Everywhere every Thursday! The first three episodes are now available. Listen here!

Fashion History Mystery #22: Fall 2019 Couture Fashion Collections

This week, Cassidy and April discuss the art and history inherent in the latest 2019 Couture Fashion Collections. 

50 Years of the Ebony Fashion Fair, an interview with Joy Bivins

For fifty years, Ebony magazine's groundbreaking Fashion Fair brought the crème de la crème of high fashion to audiences across the USA and around the globe.

Fashion History Mystery #21: Isabelle de Borchgrave

Join us for a peep inside the work of Isabelle de Borchgrave who creates incredible life-size replicas of historic fashions not from silk, velvet and lace, but paper. 

Gender Bending Fashion, pt. 2: an interview with Michelle Tolini Finamore

Men just might enjoy the comfort of skirts! This week we speak to Michelle Tolini Finamore about her exhibition Gender Bending Fashion which is currently on view at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Fashion History Mystery #20: History of the Pride Flag

It's World Pride month and all things rainbow! This week's minisode discusses the origin of the multicolored pride flag emblazoned upon innumerable garments to be worn this month.

Gender Bending Fashion, pt. 1: an interview with Michelle Tolini Finamore

Who gets to wear the pants?! This week we speak to Michelle Tolini Finamore about her exhibition Gender Bending Fashion which is currently on view at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Fashion History Mystery #19: Should These Clothes Be Saved?

Cassidy and April discuss a recent New York Time's article by Vanessa Friedman which brings up some interesting questions regarding the relevance and importance of everyday clothing.