Fashion History Mystery #10: The Other Dust Ruffle

On this week's edition of Fashion History Mystery, April and Cassidy answer the question: didn't women's long skirts get really dirty in the 19th century?

Fashion and the Art of Pochoir

This week, Cassidy and April take you inside their book Fashion and the Art of Pochoir to learn all about the painterly hand-stenciling technique that redefined fashion illustration in the Art Moderne and Art Deco eras.

Fashion History Mystery #9: Don't Sweat It

In this week's mini-sode we explore how the matter of perspiration has been handled historically.

The Other Danish Girl: Gerda Wegener

Alicia Vikander may have won an Oscar for her portrayal of Gerda Wegener in the 2015 film, The Danish Girl, but the film only scratches the surface of this incredible artist's life.

Fashion History Mystery #8: Origin Story: Mary Janes

This week we explore the unlikely origin story of Mary Janes.

Remaking Fashion History: an Interview with John Bright

This week we sit down with Oscar-winning costume designer John Bright to discuss his prolific career in film and TV that spans five decades. A collector of historic fashion, John is the founder and owner of the world's leading costume house, Cosprop.

Fashion History Mystery #7: Amish Fashion Designers?

This week, we answer the listener question: are there any fashion designers from the Amish tradition?

A Vanderbilt House Party--The Gilded Age, an Interview with Leslie Klingner

This week we go behind the scenes of Biltmore Estate's latest exhibition A Vanderbilt House Party--The Gilded Age with the estate's Curator of Interpretation Leslie Klingner.

Fashion History Mystery #6: Origins of Polka Dots

This week we answer a listener question about the origin of poka dots, by diving all the way back to the Middle Ages' taboo about wearing spots. 

A History of Stoutwear, an interview with Dr. Lauren Downing Peters

Dubbed "stoutwear" at the turn of the 20th century, Dr. Lauren Downing Peters joins us this week to discuss the history of plus-size fashion.