Exhibiting Heavenly Bodies: an Interview with Fashion Conservator Sarah Scaturro, part I

This week, we go behind the scenes of the exhibition Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination with Sarah Scaturro, head conservator at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

From Russia With Love: Valentina

One of American fashion's first famous designers wasn't American at all. Meet Valentina Schlee, the intoxicatingly beautiful Russian lover of Greta Garbo who lied about nearly everything.

The American Look, a chat with Dr. Rebecca Arnold (Bonus Episode)

In honor of New York Fashion Week, we speak with Dr. Rebecca Arnold about the origins of American style.

Gordon Parks: the Man of Many Hats

Gordon Parks (1912-2006) was one of the 20th and 21st centuries great luminaries, most famous for his prolific career as a photojournalist for LIFE magazine. A man of many talents, this week we explore his unlikely career as a fashion photographer. 

Dress Like an Egyptian, an interview with Egyptologist Dr. Colleen Darnell

This week we talk to Egyptologist--and vintage fashion aficionada-- Dr. Colleen Darnell about the role of clothing and artifice in the lives of the Ancient Egyptians. 

Fashion and Sustainability, an interview with Tara St. James

The fashion industry is the world's second largest polluter. This week we talk to fashion designer and educator Tara St. James about the intersection of fashion and sustainability in the past, present and what we can do to impact the future.

Incredible and Marvelous: Fashion's First Hipsters

Amid the French Revolution, a youth subculture became notorious for adopting styles so extreme they were dubbed 'incredible' and 'marvelous.' This week we speak about some of fashion's first hipsters: the incroyables and the merveilleuses.

Fashion and Politics: The French Revolution

Throughout the history of dress, never have fashion and politics been more entwined than during the French Revolution.

A Century of Fashion Photography, an interview with Paul Martineau

This week we talk about a century of fashion photography with Paul Martineau, curator of the new exhibition Icons of Style at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. 

The Swimsuit: a Revealing History, Part II

From the bikini to the thong, this week we explore the continued evolution of one of the most controversial garments in history: the swimsuit.