Lea Gottlieb & Gottex Swimwear, an interview with Keren Ben-Horin

This week we meet Israeli swimwear designer and innovater Lea Gottlieb (1918-2012), the visionary founder of the luxury swimwear brand Gottex. 

Silhouette and Leotard: a Tale of Two Men?

In this week’s episode, we meet the men behind the fashion: Étienne de Silhouette (1709-1767) and Jules Leotard (1842-1870).

The Gentleman Couturier: Hubert de Givenchy

This week is Haute Couture Week in Paris and we bring you an in memoriam episode on one of couture's greats: Hubert de Givenchy.

She's a Fashion Plate, an interview with Antoine Bucher and Nicolas Montagne

In this week's episode, we speak with Antoine Bucher and Nicolas Montagne of Librarie Diktats about the history of fashion plates, prints which served as the primary source of fashion imagery before photography. 

Wonderbra, an interview with Alexis Walker

This week we speak with fashion historian Alexis Walker about the innovation and history behind Wonderbra.

Queen Alexandra: Behind the Seams, an interview with Kate Strasdin

This week we delve behind the seams with fashion historian Kate Strasdin to rediscover the sartorial legacies--and anti-aging secrets-- of the ever youthful Queen Alexandra (1844-1925), wife of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom.

Jewelry of Sentiment pt. 2: an interview with Courtney Lane

In the second installment of Jewelry of Sentiment, we speak with Courtney Lane, a modern-day practitioner of hair work.

Jewelry of Sentiment pt. 1: The Art of Hair Work

For centuries, locks of human hair were cherished tokens exchanged between friends and loved ones. In this episode, we investigate the art of hair work and the fashion for wearing jewelry made from human hair.

Gaby Deslys: the Modern Body, Fashion & Spectacle

Gaby Deslys was one of the most famous performers of the WWI era. Her unapologetic independence--and body-baring costumes--also made her one of the most controversial.

Cashmere with a "K": The Controversial History of a Shawl

Cultural appropriation and colonialism lie at the heart of the 19th century fashion trend for "cashmere" shawls, the anglicized version of the Kashmiri region from which these highly coveted luxury goods originally came.